It’s a verifiable truth that a streaming stage like YouTube or Twitch, or even a craftsmanship network like DeviantArt holds a striking list of deh speedpaint recordings from several artists, however some of them are definitely more awesome to gaze at than others. What’s more, it’s a disgrace when you’re left with a video you don’t generally like and you wind up losing a huge load of time finding the correct one. You’re in good company! Truth be told, we ourselves are entirely similar to this more often than not. In any case, today this reaches a conclusion. Wouldn’t you say that locating that most master video in a video streaming stage, for example, Youtube is kind of unthinkable? Also, we chose to settle it! How? Working out this magnificent rundown for you!

Our manual for the best deh speedpaint recordings on YouTube is refreshed month to month to assist you with avoiding the average ones and find the best things to see. We attempt and choose the more subtle diamonds, as well, so we’re certain you’ll find an ideal one to watch, one you don’t definitely think about. A portion of the creators of these recordings are notable, while others may be not all that infamous. This accumulation, for instance, includes artists like: munchybones, CCCastor or Hamilton Trash.

This rundown isn’t matching your own specific style? Try not to stress! We have all the more amazing substance for you here:

  1. [Speedpaint] Dear Evan Hansen – Tree Bros

    Date: June, 2017

    Created by: Heart Select

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Heart Select, dates from 3 years prior. Also, as they depict it: Honestly, I should get around to watching the genuine melodic. ====== Full Image …

    Watch [Speedpaint] Dear Evan Hansen – Tree Bros on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:


    This is wonderful. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL IT HURTS It’s consistently this melody XD (sincerely me) So I was on the luminosity part, right, simply gaping on the exquisite utilization of lighting then it struck me- – there are no other noticeable branches


    How did my kid evan get up

    Did he _fly_ I am in stun, this is amazing!!! I purchased this banner on Redbubble… I don’t lament anything _excited gay squeals_ CRYINGGGGGG OH MY GOSH IMAGINE EVAN FALLING FROM THE TREE AND CONNOR CATCHING HIM BRIDAL STYLE AGDUDBSCCSVB

    (Definitely imma Connor x Evan transporter disregard me) would i be able to be infatuated with a picture? I purchased this print on Redbubble and I love it!!! It’s so wonderful and I can hardly wait to outline it and hang it up!! 🙂 this really gives me no desire for the future and I don’t have the foggiest idea why 😂😂 Dear Evan Hansen actully posted this on their Instagram in the event that you didn’t have a clue !!!!<€ Are not those the specific spots where they attempted to end it all? like Evan on top of the tree and Conor half lying on her trunk ... trying to say DEAR EVAN HANDSON! ONG YES-*hears 'I rub my areolas' part* o.o I'm pretty poop at craftsmanship (my solid suit is writing) and when I see stuff like this it causes me to acknowledge and acknowledge how long and exertion goes into it. You did an incredible job❤️ Wait alright how did Evan by any chance outfit there This is acceptable! I've as of late gotten into DEH, and everything I can imagine is "for always" playing in the foundation 😅😫 Because there are no other low branches I am compelled to accept that Connor lifted Evan up there and I am more than OK with that *_SCREEEEEE_*

  2. BMC/DEH SPEEDPAINT – Musical Gays

    Date: June, 2017

    Created by: junk cass

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist junk cass, dates from 3 years back. Furthermore, as they depict it: AAA A there is a slip-up in the editing somewhere close to the lineart and coloring im too sluggish to even consider editting out however whateverfghjk ghjk aNYWAY folks school for …

    Watch BMC/DEH SPEEDPAINT – Musical Gays on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Me when I originally heard DEH: hello I transport Evan and Zoe

    Me after a couple of seasons of listening the soundtrack: OMG I SHIP EVAN AND CONNOR Kurt and slam , Hamilton and luarens? Michael and Evan look so cheerful, I love it!! I simply love your craft style, it’s so acceptable!! _cries in gay_ its all silly buffoonery until you understand connors dead Why resembles the whole cast of Hamilton not here?? **Inhales**

    WHY IS THIS AMAZING LIKE AHHH I JUST WANT THIS IMAGE TO BE MY LIFE The melodic gays Hell to the no doubt I totally love your style! Its fair sooo healthy Honestly the hints of hellfire is essentially listening to the music on 2x speed Notice how tops have hoodies and the bottoms have stripes No container infants? D: Gosh I need assistance, I am falling to a bunny opening of tree brothers and boyf riends like omg. What is with me shipping two people in a melodic first time I watched this video I knew essentially nothing about bmc, presently my telephone’s experience is Michael makes a passageway fanart. Adorable ❤ Imagine the two Wills switching musicals *cough* Omg this is so charming :0 Hell better believe it Tree Bros and Boyf riends I has a theory….

    Consider the possibility that they are largely androgynous bois.

  3. treebros || Don't F*ckin Sugarcoat It!! || DEH AU speedpaint [Reupload from Mushie R.]

    Date: March, 2020

    Created by: Hamilton Trash

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Hamilton Trash, dates from 7 months prior. What’s more, as they portray it: PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING!**** DISCLAIMER: I don’t possess this video or tune! The amazingly gifted Mushie R. made this …

    Watch treebros || Don't F*ckin Sugarcoat It!! || DEH AU speedpaint [Reupload from Mushie R.] on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Mushie took this joke transport excessively far however I love it at any rate I finally acknowledged everything I love in life is here on this channel h a h a y e s . Omg, it’s 2P!DEH I can see Connor being simply the one that shows his actual like showing he is gag and not caring what any other individual thinks however at that point, Evan would be trynna conceal what he really is, Idk why I think this tho OH MY GOD YES ITS BACK IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS WJDHABVZGQBXBA *Inhales* Y E S omg I love this way more then I ought to 🥺🥺 Gosh I love this speedpaint, I’m excited that it was reposted “Evan looks like Dean Winchester lol” This is so charming I love and I need to make so much fan workmanship on this Omg their plans are so delightful, who made this AU? Was it Mushie?? Pause, is this a character be switch, cuz I love it! Love it advise mushie to keep doing awesome! AW HECK YEAH THIS IS MY FAVORITE MUSHIE SPEEDPAINT

    I love the cotton sweets and trackers So charming! This craftsmanship is amazing! Gez!

    Glad Connor and Evan terrible kid.

    I can kick the bucket now Úwù ❤ I don’t have a clue why however I truly love Evan’s painted nails 28 mins a g o

  4. Connor Murphy | DEH Speedpaint

    Date: May, 2017

    Created by: CCCastor

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist CCCastor, dates from 3 years back. Also, as they portray it: I’m totally fixated on Dear Evan Hansen, on the off chance that you haven’t seen the melodic yet I energetically suggest it! Likewise, I haven’t had the option to transfer as much as I …

    Watch Connor Murphy | DEH Speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    GOd hOw My kid

    My helpless kid I actually love him The aversions



    The educator who’s hitted by Connor This is BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING yet one question…Who the hell despised this masterpiece??? *StOp MaKiNg Me CrIe It’S 1 aM* 10/10 craftsmanship *crying* why. why. why. *tear trickles onto my homework* That drawing is so lovely. Im puzzled. You are superb Is killing youself is something worth being thankful for or awful thing I simply asking “the things we’ll do when we escape.. school”

    “adorable laugh”

    *KINKY* This. Is. Formally. My. Top pick. Piece. Of. Fanart. EVER!!!!!!!!!! This is lovely, much better than anything I could do. spoiler ready where is your subs at mate? this is legend He’s so excellent Why does Connor need to resemble my sibling? It makes it significantly more tragic First Reaction To The Video Image


    Sister: Thinks: What The Frig Is She Doing Hear that? That was the sound of my sad… SO BEAUTIFUL WHOAA

  5. DEH SPEEDPAINT – Angel Connor Murphy

    Date: May, 2017

    Created by: junk cass

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist junk cass, dates from 3 years prior. Also, as they portray it: I needed to give a shot speedpainting so here u go have a piss infant asdfghj SONG – Panic! at the Disco – This is Gospel (piano form) FINAL PICTURE …

    Watch DEH SPEEDPAINT – Angel Connor Murphy on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    For what reason does this picture remind me of Alexander Hamilton? Lmao If you love me let me GOOOOOOOOO~ Send this to your siblings without setting AAAAAAA IT’S PANIC IT’S BRENDAN AAAAAAAAA 😄 Connor: **holds the record of most revile words said in heaven** individuals may state, “that is unexpected!”, however.. In any event, when hes dead hes still stickin up that finger The drawing with the tune decision is amazing I don’t have the foggiest idea how I feel about the way that 2 seconds in I knew precisely what melody it would have been Um, would you be able to make a sticker of this? Additionally, where did you go!?!? (Hears piano) THIS IS GOSPEL FOR THE FALLEN ONES LOCKED AWAY IN PERMANENT SLUMBERRRRRRRRRRR This tune just causes me to imagine Connor energetically lip-singing this in his room gesture of goodwill : harmony 😀

    refuse cass: NAH THE F WORD IS BETTER

    UwU An ideal state of mind at the present time If somebody doesn’t have a clue about the melody is called This Is Gospel – Panic At The Disco If Connor was my watchman angel…..

    Let’s face it, he’d talk such a great amount of poop about me to different holy messengers. r/notlikeotherangels God, I love Brendon’s voice 😍💗 *SCREAMS IN ITALIAN* What program is this?? Genuine EVERYONE utilizes it yet, it’s some mystery, as, just not many recognize what it is and less are acceptable at using it and I just… I love the drawing btw its ravishing

  6. angel!connor (DEH speedpaint)

    Date: August, 2017

    Created by: greywick

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist greywick, dates from 3 years back. Also, as they portray it: inspired by those notorious pictures of Mike Faist wearing those fleecy holy messenger wings and corona Materials utilized: – muji mechanical pencil (0.5) – sakura pigma brush pens …

    Watch angel!connor (DEH speedpaint) on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Luke 18:9-14 New International Version (NIV)

    The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

    9 To some who were certain of their own uprightness and peered down on every other person, Jesus told this illustration: 10 “Two men went up to the sanctuary to ask, one a Pharisee and the other an expense gatherer. 11 The Pharisee remained without anyone else and supplicated: ‘God, I thank you that I dislike others—burglars, scalawags, philanderers—or even like this assessment gatherer. 12 I quick two times per week and give a 10th of all I get.’

    13 “However the expense gatherer remained a good ways off. He would not admire paradise, yet beat his bosom and stated, ‘God, show leniency toward me, a sinner.’

    14 “I reveal to you that this man, instead of the other, returned home defended before God. For each one of the individuals who magnify themselves will be lowered, and the individuals who humble themselves will be commended.” lmai I cherished watching the music beat things so to and fro I saw your pre-winter walk speed paint and recently saw that the workmanship style was so recognizable Guys like you and me

    We’re simply the failures

    Who continue waiting to be seen, isn’t that so?

    I mean nobody appears to mind

    Or then again stops to see that we’re there

    So we lose all sense of direction in the in the middle


    On the off chance that you can by one way or another keep them thinking of me

    Furthermore, make me in excess of a deserted memory

    Well that implies we matter as well

    It implies somebody will see that you are there

    Nobody has the right to be overlooked

    Nobody has the right to blur away

    Nobody should travel every which way

    Furthermore, have nobody realize he was ever even here

    Nobody has the right to vanish

    To vanish


    CONNER WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTENNNNN omg I love your line work <3 I cannot hold back to see a greater amount of your specialty gracious and a little alter I was wondering if u could let me know or any individual who sees this what kinda pen I should use for the lineart when using markers so It wont smirch 😀 y los pies donde estan ? 😮 I'm in a real sense crying what the heck I'm so infatuated with you 💜💜 Is not stile ,,Loupalu"? I have the book of the melodic and Connor is my top choice, alongside Jared, that melodic makes me cry without fail. He reminds me of Dwayne from little miss sunshine. Wonderful and smooth. Your drawings look so perfect they even look computerized! Btw, I love ur craftsmanship! ❤️❤️ The piano way really made me cry 😫💦 awsome MY BABY IMA CRY IM SORRY IM JUST REALLY EMOTIONAL TODAY AND.... UGH he'S SO SMOL OML- - Sorry I'm late, I came when a heard Dear Even Hanson, perhaps the best melodic on the planet! I love your specialty greywick I wish I can draw like you yet I can draw great to 👍 Boi.. he a piece *THICC* DOE If I quit smoking rocks Break? I just discovered this yet EEEEEE M TH CHILD! OMG THIS IS SO CUTE AHH Hi I'm Connor I'm the android sent by Cyberlife

  7. But Not Because We're Gay… | Dear Evan Hansen | Speedpaint

    Date: April, 2017

    Created by: scribs

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist scribs, dates from 3 years back. Furthermore, as they depict it: sorry pretty much all the glitches and stops here n there PATREON: TUMBLR: TWITTER: …

    Watch But Not Because We're Gay… | Dear Evan Hansen | Speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

  8. Tree Bros – Dear Evan Hansen – Speedpaint

    Date: May, 2017

    Created by: dichotomi

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist dichotomi, dates from 3 years back. Furthermore, as they depict it: I love this melodic so much you folks. Finished Picture: Follow me on …

    Watch Tree Bros – Dear Evan Hansen – Speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:


    I FREAKING WORSHIP YOU, FOR SPEAKING FOR ALL OF US! I ate a sandwhich while watching this General inquiry: What do you use to draw?

    Application, gadget, and so forth

    Alter: and any drawing tips for line thickness, articulations, and postures on the off chance that you have any 😅 Who tf despised this wonderful video?¿?? *L I E S*

    they are totally 100%, unadulterated, un separated, crude, gay CoNnEr

    I love your style it’s so powerful :0 Excuse me, i’m new.

    Would you be able to answer me why “Conner” and not “Connor”? :’v

    (I talk in spanish I do as well as can be expected(?) This is delightful! The main issue is that you spelled “Connor” wrong, yet it’s not the apocalypse. OK however this is such an adorable craftsmanship style how can it not have more likes and poop?? one aversion from Evan Forgive me, however on Evan’s cast ought to be expressed “Connor” Your style is truly charming and lovable I need to embrace it.

    Likewise I love the wonderful way the being a fan gives Evan spots cause it just accommodates his character and personally, regardless of whether Ben doesn’t have spots. :3 You need like 10000000000000 subs this is amazing IVE SEEN THIS ON GOOGLE EVERYWHERE OH MY GOD ITS REAL JESUS FAIST So nobody is going to discuss that the name on Evan’s cast says “Conner”?

    Taken from mush. r’s Requiem animatic:

    “Dear Evan Hansen, individuals continue misspelling my name and it sucks >:C

    Sincerely me”


    *”Fuck u”* This is so acceptable… This is……..

    *TRUE ART* **bows down** *but




    g a y* – sorry to be a downer however its spelled connor-

    recently saw that this was at that point revised, sorry!

    however, amazing workmanship btw! 😀 *sighs* ConnEr……….I’m sorry its a simple error I’m only to in affection with it…..ive essentially retained the scrip.

    Somebody send help.

  9. Words Fail | Dear Evan Hansen | Speedpaint

    Date: June, 2017

    Created by: munchybones

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist munchybones, dates from 3 years back. Also, as they depict it: Me? Utilize a similar melody for TWO speedpaints? It’s almost certain than you think! Words Fail truly cuts me profound and I have been in a pit of hopelessness and workmanship block for …

    Watch Words Fail | Dear Evan Hansen | Speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:


    O(≧▽≦)o (≧0≦) I’m crying! It would be ideal if you let me embrace Evan please! my companion you are improving to such an extent!! :0 *I C A M E A S O N A S I H E A R D* you are so acceptable at this! I truly want to see you bloom more than I previously observed you do! Keep up the extraordinary work! 🙁 not accessible wt f this piece of jeer devin handsanitizer truly makes me extremely upset Ok, how does this video just have like 100 perspectives? this is bs. This is incredible, Whoa, the articulation and lines and everything! Well

    F U C K

    I don’t have to return to rest in the wake of trying to rest for 4 hours at that point wretchedly failing

    time to watch this b e a t I f u l poop for multiple times to open all the privileged insights. I can’t see the video ;- ; need to get in my every day portion of discouragement

    lol this is amazing senpai show me Welp

    Wasn’t expecting discouragement today

  10. Dear Evan Hansen – Cast – SPEEDPAINT

    Date: May, 2017

    Created by: Elemental FA

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Elemental FA, dates from 3 years back. Also, as they depict it: yo think about what animatics may come new lol ▻PATREON: ▻Deviant Art: http://natural

    Watch Dear Evan Hansen – Cast – SPEEDPAINT on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    HOW TF DID I JUST DISCOVERED THIS JUST NOW???? UM Even however I havent seen the whole melodic yet (I’m going to tho!) this tune remains as a cherished memory to me. In my Junior year of secondary school, we sang this tune in my ensemble show, where all the ensembles would step by step join in. My ensemble specifically would join in after the initial two ensembles did during the ‘soneone will come running to take you home’ part by really RUNNING ON STAGE with different ensembles.

    Imagine around four separate ensembles joining in on this tune. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen, and you’d get what I was blessed to be important for.

    I’m upset for rambling, its my #1 memory from secondary school and it makes me destroy simply remembering it Jared looks fucking charming Conner x Evan anybody? no? just me? alright… This melody makes me so pitiful in light of the fact that nobody is remembering the genuine Connor. This is the reason I read Tree Bros fanfic Why am I crying.Its just too cute!😥😍 You

    Truly you reading this remark

    Likewise off you *will* be found if not currently *soon* if not soon *eventually*

    You will be discovered I realize that since I was! Wow this is so cool!

    I’m new here and I gotta state I *LOVE* your movement style. It’s kinda difficult to depict however it’s truly adorable! 🙂

    Keep up the extraordinary work So great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great Job! Jared is so tall and I love it Why is jared ho-To demonstrate Mike faist has dem eyes: Keep doing this plz you are acceptable There’s something truly nostalgic about this video HolY hELL I HaD nO iDEa MiKe wAs HeTeroChroMtic uNtIl nOw

    Likewise you includes Mike’s eyes, however not Will’s. I M U P S E T #youwillbefound Ahhhh so charming I’m dying of the lovable

    *melts into a puddle of fangirl-ness Your craft style could uppercut me and I would express gratitude toward it BITCH DID WUT M8