It’s the end of the week! Or then again perhaps it’s simply one more ordinary day. Or on the other hand perhaps a non-weekend day night while you’re having dinner, and you want to watch a few sanders sides speedpaint recordings. It resembles something that is burning you from inside. Where to begin? Isn’t it frightful? It transpires as well! You realize that reaching for the most fantastic video in a video stage like YouTube or Twitch, or even a craftsmanship network like DeviantArt is doubtlessly going to take for eternity. So here is our rundown! The best sanders sides speedpaint recordings only for you to enjoy!

This arrangement is intended to cover a wide scope of artists, both of all shapes and sizes; lengths and nations of origin of the artists: however not just that, this rundown is intended to have the most extraordinary sanders sides speedpaint recordings ever constructed. In this rundown, we don’t have just high class speedpainters however amazing makers like thepastelpeach, SpookySpeks or Prettyinaccurate.

Need to see more? We have these different records that we trust you will totally adore!

  1. The Gang's All Here! | Sanders Sides SPEEDPAINT

    Date: May, 2020

    Created by: ABD Illustrates

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist ABD Illustrates, dates from 4 months prior. Furthermore, as they portray it: Today I’m making one major, and late bit of fanart for one of my long-term most loved shows! (Featuring some convenient dandy workmanship counsel, and a few …

    Watch The Gang's All Here! | Sanders Sides SPEEDPAINT on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Absolutely not crying. Alex, this was completely excellent to watch. I can’t disclose to you how regarded I am that you set aside such a great amount of effort to make this MASTERPIECE based around the arrangement. Also, how flippin FASCINATING too! I had no clue states of the characters can pass on their characters, that bodes well at this point!! What’s more, I’m so happy you made act of spontaneities with their looks, as you did the first run through around! Your first depiction of the Sides after I purpled my hair inspired US! We knew starting there on that Virgil required those purple tennis shoes cause it glanced SO GOOD in your depiction! I truly feel like, in 2017, simultaneously you were figuring out your style, we were all the while feeling our way through the arrangement. What’s more, we’ve been devotees of yours from that point onward. The way that we’ve had the option to make content that has helped you when you required it is the best thing we could request. Much obliged to you SO MUCH. You’ve restored the affection ten times with manifestations like this. Also, thank you such a great amount for your words. They completely filled my heart with joy. <3 this is ability here! AHIFHREIAHIJESOAHOFJEIWAFEWO[IFHEIUSHA YOU WATCH SANDER SIDES?!?!??! I don't intend to like. scorn or w/e yet Sanders Sides is inherently unsafe to individuals with frameworks, as somebody who is plural, it genuinely baffles me when individuals expect that Sanders Sides is a genuine case of a framework, which it isn't. From my insight, Thomas isn't plural and doesn't have any plural individuals in his group. I realize he has expressed that the arrangement isn't about frameworks, however no measure of disclaimers can free your arrangement of ableism. It's reinforced preferences and predispositions against plural individuals in (singlets are individuals without frameworks/DID/OSDD). Generally, Sanders Sides is pretty ableist in it's very establishment. Don't hesitate to pose inquiries in the answers, however please remember this while consuming Sanders Sides. In the event that you didn't watch Sanders Sides, at that point you didn't have a youth case shut. I KNEW I wasn't unusual! My companions and others are consistently onto me for not explaining shows appropriately on the grounds that I typically instruct them to watch it, you actually simply need to watch shows to comprehend them completely. This is an advancement, I have to show everybody this, get this in court. I didn't hope to be crying this much-gosh, I think I should begin watching Sanders Sides now. Much obliged to you for being so open, Alex <3 13:58 Truly late yet recently saw that Patton's kinship wristbands are similar hues as the sides; that is a truly pleasant detail! woah this was in MAY of THIS YEAR??? You should make this into a banner genuinely. Hello Alex! I know it's been a very long time since you posted this, however I just truly needed to state this. Much obliged to you! At the point when you posted this back in May, I had never watched Sanders Sides, yet you describing it and what it was about made me truly need to look at it. I very quickly began watching the show, and, I think I truly required it. It couldn't be any more obvious, I will in general get focused on effectively, thinking that everything I do should be great, and I used to experience difficulty when it came to showing my more negative feelings. Watching this show, watching them talk about how it's alright to not generally be alright, that you can in some cases set aside some effort for yourself, the way that you don't generally should be great and glad. The way that Patton, somebody who is a truly kind and good individual, used to feel regretful about being miserable, however in the manikin scene conceded that he wasn't generally glad and that it was alright, it caused me to feel cheerful that there was a character out there that I could identify with and assist me with knowing that it was alright to feel vexed now and then. Presently, despite the fact that I actually get worried, I'm currently ready to convincingly reveal to myself that I don't have to stress and regardless of whether I don't do consummate in school or anything that's stressing me out at the time that it's alright. I realize this is truly long, yet I just truly needed to state this, and state much obliged. Much obliged to you for everything you've done to support me. This fan workmanship has become very notable When you "went all craftsmanship instructor" I chuckled in light of the fact that I normally simply draw the sides, particularly over the hour of Coronavirus, I've goten once more into drawing since I began watching Sanders Sides witch prompted me drawing again and wanting to get into a lot more artistic things since I get such a great amount of inspiration from Thomas and fanders by and large. The manner in which you draw men makes me considerably straighter than I was. Oof for what reason did I think Virgil was wearing velcro shoes- "For what reason would I have to stress over tying my shoes when there are more prominent things to stress about..." "Also, it makes a cool clamor when you open and close them! :D" I'm so happy I discovered this video. The workmanship is excellent and the discourse is inspiring. I coincidentally felt kinda discouraged and numb this evening, however your video have welcomed a grin all over. Much obliged to you and you have another sub:))) your craft is in a ROBLOX game I like that the entirety of Thomas' sides appear to be floating, while Thomas is grounded, likewise, I truly love your specialty, it's truly all around made, and it's truly enjoyable to take a gander at. trust you have a decent day/night 🙂 God, I assumed a minor part in a school play about emotional well-being a year ago, and it took this long for me to acknowledge I wasn't totally alright. Sander's sides opened that up for me, and this video got me into sander's sides. Much obliged to you. Remus and Janus look so amazing, Patton looks as innocent as he truly may be, Logan looks how he should, Roman looks princely, and Virgil resembles the emotional young person we as a whole realize he is. All things considered, this looks amazing and I love it

  2. D̸͉̄Ë̶̪́C̶̳̾Ę̴͊Î̸̗T̸͍͝ | Sanders Sides Speedpaint

    Date: February, 2018

    Created by: ABD Illustrates

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist ABD Illustrates, dates from 2 years prior. Furthermore, as they depict it: So what about “Patton” in that most recent Sanders Sides video huh? (I got endless messages asking when I’d draw this, fortunately I was at that point working on it! lol) …

    Watch D̸͉̄Ë̶̪́C̶̳̾Ę̴͊Î̸̗T̸͍͝ | Sanders Sides Speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:


    Changed the Thumbnail since more individuals have seen Thomas’ video for setting.

    Here’s the old thumbnail for anybody was late to the gathering, or needs to see the two forms one next to the other! – speedpaint-sanders-sides 3:19: **falls out of seat** I’ve never observed Sanders Sides, yet the more I see speedpaints from you with characters from it, the more I need to look at it my, your craftsmanship is amazing ^^ ????????????




    XpX. In the event that you listen close enough you can hear Logan shout “Misleading!” People continue writing about the music,

    What’s more, I’m here not wearing earphones My inquiry is

    Where the frick did Thomas get the outfit for Janus? 6:41 nobody going to discuss that arbitrary thing go across he screen *”I’m so glad for you Thomas. So mature”*

    CHILLS. Exacting CHILLS Me in the night: *puts hand over mouth just so I can tear it off*


    My mum in the other room: What the-? Janus: *glasses on*

    Thomas: Patton the sanders side.

    Janus: *glasses off*

    Thomas: DECEIT THE SANDERS SIDE?! Take a gander at this boi. This is my boi. My snake boi. He is my snake boi, Janus. Just on the off chance that anybody needed to tune in to the second melody otherwise known as PsoGnar’s The Great Deception, simply realize that the link in the portrayal doesn’t work any longer.

    So here’s another one: Me: *Clicks on vid* My Snek boi! Elusive SNAKE Deceit in CLBG: Hiss murmur. My solitary thought processes are to be malevolent and make you lie to other people

    Misdirection in SvS: My thought processes are confounded and I’m getting enthusiastic over them since all of you are thick.

    Misdirection in DWIT: *provokes a green chunk of chaos* Hopefully, Thomas will get over a portion of those strict teachings.

    Misdirection in SvSR: Oh f*** Patton turned into a frog. I need Thomas to believe me despite the fact that I’m representing trickery and refusal:

    “You’re not stayed with an abhorrent snake boi. *weird yet cute body shimmy* You’re simply stayed with a snake boi.” I love this snake kid Didn’t realize you were a sanders sides fan-marvelous! S A N D E R S I D E S !

    I desired the DnD things and didn’t hope to see this! subbed! The thumbnail made me think the video was to acceptable to be valid, yet it was all the more then great it was amazing! Love the work! ✨

  3. Sanders Sides Speedpaint[prinxiety]

    Date: February, 2020

    Created by: thepastelpeach

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist thepastelpeach, dates from 7 months back. What’s more, as they depict it: its almost 4am and its not perfect(dont @ me for the foggy sanders sides logo fjaljdajhfkdla) yet heres another speedpaint, this season of a commission I accomplished for …

    Watch Sanders Sides Speedpaint[prinxiety] on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    *Me fangirling in the corner-* What is the drawing programming called? I might want to utilize it for my own drawings Omg…

    This is magnificence,

    This is elegance,

    To such an extent not even Remus,

    Would hit it with his mace

    Alter: (I’m sorry XD) What if roman was in a red panda onesie that would be adorable

    Alter: and what film are they watching This is an entire another degree of “Adoration Yourself”, litterally – instantly buys in okAY THATS ENOUGH SEROTONIN FOR NOW AHahA I cAnt hAnDLe ANy mOre I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AAAAA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH FNSNXJSJFJ YOU’RE AMAZING When you understand you’re shipping Thomas with himself-

    In any case, continue shipping in any case Cute!!



    Presently I’m dismal 🙁 **INHALE** *VIRGIL IS A B O T O M* Beautiful Why doesn’t this have more perspectives?? It is completely stunning !!! Haha! Niiiceee This doesn’t cause me to feel forlorn.

    I doesn’t..



    *cries in Patton* This is the way I get my specialty inspiration

    This and watching markiplier

    While my companion gives me randome proposals The boat of speedpaint: prinxiety (Roman Prince X Virgil Storm) Cute UvU An artist who figures out how to be amazing at craftsmanship, yet in addition like Prinxiety simultaneously…

    *Goodbye world, hi YouTube I have discovered my new home-* I love the delightful way much detail was placed into this!!!!!❤?❤?

  4. Sanders Sides Speedpaint – Witch Virgil/Anxiety

    Date: May, 2018

    Created by: Iraeim Draws Stuff

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Iraeim Draws Stuff, dates from 2 years back. Also, as they portray it: Like, Comment, SUBSCRIBE!!!*** DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE QUESTIONS! I simply love purple to such an extent. This is a workmanship giveaway prize for @starlight-sanders on …

    Watch Sanders Sides Speedpaint – Witch Virgil/Anxiety on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Do you have insta? the work of art is soo flipping lovely!

    OK mind in the event that I did a make up search for virgil inspired by this workmanship? I would give you full credit obviously! 2,999th LIKE!!!! 5 am… The witching hour…

    No I accept that is 12 am

    5 am… The *DEVIL’S* hour…

    That is 3 am.

    Well at that point it’s only 5 am and you have to hit the hay… Woah! ❤️ I seek to be as skilled and wonderful as you.

    Show ME YOUR WAYS! YOURE THE ONE WHO DREW THIS??????? ITS SO GOOD OMG-gracious my god this gives me SO numerous smart thoughts for the fic im writing. saving it for halloween however. you’re such an inspiration.

    I simply found you today when I saw your response to the new sanders sides video and I’ve been binge watching your speedpaints. OMG ? I can’t draw an individual with out it being an extremely messy looking stick individual and I’m in fifth grade. I’m happy I unearthed this video. The hues are mixed so impeccably and conceals are ?and simply the subtleties. Like I can’t draw a face out line without the face shape being so wrecked! Like ?… likewise new subscriber!❤️ ugh you’re so amazing What application did u use?:) What application did u use?:) HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT ART!!!???? I want to be that acceptable mine sucks regardless of how diligently I attempt… This is going to be my new backdrop! Omg I love the pentagram thingy with the eyes ??? 5am the witching hour

    5am the villains hour

    Well at that point it’s simply 5am and you have to hit the hay I’ve watched this like multiple times and *I can’t stop.*

    *T H I S I S A M A Z I N G .* SO COOL I have never been this desirous of an artist actually aside from artistswave (another amazing sanders Sides Art YouTuber). I realize envy is certifiably not a decent quality however this is amazing and the level I need to have the option to accomplish with my specialty This inspires me to make my very own portion characters as legendary beasts

  5. Halloween Dark Sides – Sanders Sides Speedpaint

    Date: November, 2019

    Created by: notsotinyblob

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist notsotinyblob, dates from 11 months prior. Also, as they portray it: the drawing was posted on halloween I swear lol Music: This is Halloween (SOOHAN and Mr. Jennings Remix) Candyman Theme (Trap Remix) – Keiron Raven …

    Watch Halloween Dark Sides – Sanders Sides Speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME!! I need this surrounded on my divider!

    (Likewise I have this little Jack Skellington plushie and he and I were only vibing here on YouTube when we saw this so we watched it together lol) I can’t get over Janus as a witch since he is _totally_ that bitch it just accommodates his vibe so well I previously thought they were sitting in a vase… however, I simply realize acknowledged the tub the hench men ride to Christmas town. Excellent BOIS the unadulterated measure of serotonin I’m getting just from watching this is amazing. – I truly simply finished a progression of drawings of sanders sides as bad dream before christmas and the chances of finding this the DAY AFTER? Quality substance I’m HERE for-

    alter at midpoint: goodness wow this music SLAPS

    8:30 minutes in and I a little while ago understand it’s a *bathtub* Even superior to halloween, it was posted on my bday XD brother are they in a bath Omg I love the possibility of them dressing up as Lock, Shock, and Barrel! I simply don’t comprehend the “nightcore contorted” bad dream before Christmas melodies like simply utilize the originals Even however it’s February, it’s consistently halloween in my non-existent heart♥ I’m late yet who cares. THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! Idk about you all yet Remus is simply giving me the Sans vibes-Virgil running down the darksides foyers: THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN Underrated!! Single word:

    *How?* Roman is Oggie Boogie

    Logan is Jack

    Patton is Sally

    Thomas is Sants yOOO, where are your perspectives? This is so cool! wow ?? Omg this is sublime, I saw it on Instagram however seeing your cycle and how much work goes into it is so inspiring 🙂 Dude, this genuinely, I’ve just observed this in Tumblr and I can’t resist the urge to feel flabbergasted when I see it again! You merit as much acknowledgment here as you did on Tumblr! Just-aaAAAAHHHH-TAKE MY AFFECTION!!❤❤❤❤????????????????????

  6. Sanders Sides Speedpaint REDRAW-"New Family"

    Date: September, 2018

    Created by: Prettyinaccurate

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Prettyinaccurate, dates from 2 years back. What’s more, as they portray it: What a distinction about a half year can make! Ideally in an additional a half year I’ll be doing significantly better U can tail me on tumblr for more workmanship: …

    Watch Sanders Sides Speedpaint REDRAW-"New Family" on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    what application is dis? also, what amount does it cost on the off chance that you need to get it? simply inquisitive… My inspiration while watching this video: *stonks* this is exceptionally charming and done Only four layers??? Reason ME WHAT-ooo great, likewise what brush do u use? :)) Virgils fingers

    Transpires too sibling john shocked me ngl It’s so charming!


    Gracious poop gotta mind the cats—AND THE DOOR-Ooooooh wow. Looook at them! So valuable! Tallest to Shortest:





    I love it. AAAAA An I FINALLY FOUND YOU!!! I’ve seen heaps of your funnies and I love your craft style I’ve been looking for your channel for a very long time! Instant endorser ??? Alright be straightforward!!

    You sang When would i be able to see you again!

    Dont stress, I did too U made Virgil pale I love it I love them. What I see from this:

    Virgil is apprehensive from being close to Roman since his squash had developed and Patton is overly eager to be close to Logan cause he’s planing on confessing later. Roman is neglectful of Virgil’s feelings and is smiling since he knows Patton’s arrangement. No one:

    *_A R E Y O U S L E P I N G ? !_* The 3 aversions are:


    (he made three records) I didn’t expect the Roman anxiety and Deceit hypothesis in the remarks yet I am not disappoint to find it uwu One detail I like was Virgil and Logan (the left-brain Sides) had their hair influenced to one side, while Roman and Patton’s (being the right-brain Sides) were influenced to one side. good lord you’re the artist who drew fanged Virgil on tumblr!

  7. SvS Redux, But more Intense [Sanders Sides Speedpaint]

    Date: May, 2020

    Created by: PaxPiperStudios

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist PaxPiperStudios, dates from 4 months back. What’s more, as they depict it: I needed to do a more intense adaptation of the pixel movement in SvS revival, so here is a more DnD inspired battle among Deceit and Patton. Additionally reward I got the opportunity to do …

    Watch SvS Redux, But more Intense [Sanders Sides Speedpaint] on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Brisk inquiry: where are your supporters? Damm this is something I would need on a banner. This is amazing. I love the hues and shading. words no working Holy chunks that is cool. this resembles the coolest thing ive ever observed

  8. Remus – Speedpaint (Sanders Sides)

    Date: March, 2020

    Created by: SpookySpeks

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist SpookySpeks, dates from 7 months back. Furthermore, as they portray it: Music: 1- 2- 3- 4- Tumblr: …

    Watch Remus – Speedpaint (Sanders Sides) on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    what application do you use? What drawing program did you use? I love the possibility of generally straight lines to make incredible workmanship WHAT OMG I LOVE THIS STYLE wow this.. this is amazing.. you merit so much morrrree ?? this is so acceptable!!!

    However, did you draw this your telephone ???

    Provided that you did (which it especially resembles) my most elevated repect goes out to you. This actually needs more love DUDE, THE P A T I E N C E THIS MUST TAKE-

    Amazing JOB!! ?? YAAAS BOII!!!!! The flying creature is a decent touch Amazing craftsmanship completely stunning bud and the playlist truly secured the entire thing 100/10! ?? Oooooo

    Originality Good workmanship, great music, and a horrible kid, makes for an incredible speed paint!

    Excellent How did you pivot the spikes once you copied them? How could you turn the spikes once you copied them?


    Date: September, 2020

    Created by: thepastelpeach

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist thepastelpeach, dates from multi month prior. What’s more, as they depict it: finished piece: more info about ocs avaliable under the labels …

    Watch OCs/Sanders Sides [SPEEDPAINT W/VOICEOVER] on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    This is wonderful! You’re so underestimated! Here, take my adoration and backing: ❤️????? OH MY GOODNESS!!! You’re so capable!! This is amazing <3 Additionally fast inquiry, what are Alex and caleb's pronouns? Wonderful, PRETTY, AMAZING Awe this is cute!!! So charming! Couldn't imagine anything better than to watch more recordings with voiceovers!!! Sanders Sides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+ OCS ahahahahahahshdshjsvteksndiwn ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Cowboy caleb ????? DANG IT WHY IS YOUR ART SO GOOD Additionally LOGICALITY aahhh this is so gooddddd First

  10. dark sides: Virgil, Remus and Deceit ~ sanders sides speedpaint

    Date: December, 2019

    Created by: Valeria Pryanikova

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Valeria Pryanikova, dates from 10 months back. What’s more, as they portray it: they may look mean or fiendishness, however, they simply need to look badass~ online media: …

    Watch dark sides: Virgil, Remus and Deceit ~ sanders sides speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    The darksides are my most loved and this fair adds to that. Blessed BAST !!!! I discovered you!!! My fav thing about this tune is “can” 🙂 I can’t draw hands it is possible that I simply do a circle Me waiting for Tomas commet resemble ??? I-I have this picTURE ON MY PHONE HOLY-your craft is amazing. Immediate Sub! The dull sides; the main ones wearing cosmetics Great craftsmanship yet I have one complaint, you have no supporters ? HOLY CHICKEN WINGS! YOU’RE WAYYYYY TOO UNDERRATED! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Im subscribing now its so great you gave misleading and remus feminine figures and I think that is interesting Incredible Drawing!!!!! ❤ I I’m dumbfounded. THEY LOOK SO BADASS! Particularly since they’re my 3 fave The way that when we initially meet double dealing, he’s actually wearing his dish-washing gloves ??????? This is fabulous keep up the phenomenal work! THIS IS SO UNDERRATED just saying!❤ Bro,, this is great


    *im gifting my supporters of u* This is AMAZING Um pardon where the hECK are your subs!?