It’s a verifiable truth that a video-sharing site, for example, Youtube holds an awesome index of fnaf freddy speedpaint recordings from several artists, yet some of them are definitely more brilliant to center at than others. Also, it’s a disgrace when you’re left with a video you don’t generally like and you wind up losing a huge amount of time finding the correct one. Search no more: we got this! There are countless numbers long periods of extraordinary substance waiting for you in a video-sharing site like YouTube, yet it’s presumably going to take significantly more hours to get to that ideal video you’re looking for. That is the reason we chose to act! Underneath you will find probably the best rundown with all the fnaf freddy speedpaint recordings you’re dreaming about.

Invigorated month to month. Containing top picks. Selecting obscure diamonds. Giving both enormous, united and little, indie artists the perceivability they merit. In this rundown, we don’t have just high class speedpainters however amazing makers like La zy, Neytirix or ArtyJoyful.

All things considered, if nothing here catches your imagination, attempt a portion of our different picks of the best speedpainting recordings on YouTube for additional alternatives.

  1. My Freddy's Nightmares (FNAF) – Speed Paint

    Date: June, 2016

    Created by: Namy Gaga

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Namy Gaga, dates from 4 years back. What’s more, as they portray it: Qué tal amigos? ¡Les habla su amiga Namy Gaga! Drawing/Dibujo: ENGLISH: Now I …

    Watch My Freddy's Nightmares (FNAF) – Speed Paint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Bad dream Freddy: I will take this cap for my youngsters – 3-ned Freddy I’m going to take bad dream Freddy with meh Freddy: what’s up? Sarah: bad dream Freddy going to…kill You Runaway or I will Runaway and you attempt to battle ! Wild bear: I’m going to take Golden Freddy’s cap Freddy’s Osos maduros I like how Freddy like what Oi omfg I returned to watching speed paints after 5yrs since you inspired me to continue drawing cause I nearly quit till I saw this I dont lament improving on how my drawings looked from 2016 to 2020 thank u for inspiring me TwT The amon us faker is bad dream freabbear and bad dream: los impostores de amon us es el freabbear pesadilla y pesadilla Master alter Nightmare Freddy,Nightmare Fredbear,Nightmare:Hoy comemos familia

    Freddy:BAD ENDING Freddy:oye estás bien?

    La tipa : CONCHETUMARE Ok now that young lady would simply run Cool!!!! Verga no se imaginan cuando Freddy voltea cual sería su reacción? *”There is consistently a greater fish.”* QUE LEGAL Ship! Ola

    Ja Art: Taking each other’s cap.

    Me: Is this a story?

    Young lady: I’ve seen everything. ? freddy’s pʀɛciѳรѳ

    ʆikɛ รi ɓɛร ɛtѳ ɛɳ 2020 antonio earthy colored

  2. Speedpaint – Freddy Fazbear

    Date: September, 2015

    Created by: DoomedTruth

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist DoomedTruth, dates from 5 years back. Furthermore, as they portray it: many individuals send me gets some information about drawing Freddy specifically, and some of the time in streams individuals do request guides on the most proficient method to draw him. Since I’m dreadful at …

    Watch Speedpaint – Freddy Fazbear on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    what drawing application do you use? Draw saucy embraces Where are u ::”) Where are you pls speedpaint meee Yep You Dead Its Been 2 Years or more since you posted 2018? anybody? Return 🙁 What is this program It’s the shrewd smile

    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE ?? COME BACK PLEASE I MISS U is this on a PC or macintosh Are you ded aww so adorable when the hell would you say you are coming back!? 10/10 for the drawing plus…… can you perhaps attempt to draw my sfm character in addition to. this isn’t my original record saucy the privateer fox 898 is my original. however, on the off chance that you dont have time im fine with it. It’s Cool!!!!!✔️✔️✔️ Freddy is my Favorite I Paint him as a Fox all the time…xD Why is the bite the dust in a fire bass drop SO AWESOME?! What’s the melody number 2 is there any possibility that you can make original bonnie *just asking as politly as I can*

  3. FNAFNG | Ultimate Custom Night | SPEEDPAINT!

    Date: September, 2018

    Created by: Namy Gaga

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Namy Gaga, dates from 2 years prior. Furthermore, as they depict it: ( FNAF UCN Speedpaint – FNAFNG ) ESPAÑOL Porque los fans lo pidieron, les traigo el dibujo de la Ultimate Custom Night como se vería dentro de FNAFNG, …

    Watch FNAFNG | Ultimate Custom Night | SPEEDPAINT! on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Voy a dejar de poner el titulo de la música que uso en mis speeds al incio de los speeds… porque tal parece que nadie sabe sneer .___.

    I’m going to quit putting the title of the music that I use in my velocities toward the beginning of the paces… since it appears to be that no one knows read .___. furthermore, witer Freddy? Bad dream BB/Nightmare Balloon kid: Oh am I a joke to u? At that point why my mouth is “blue

    Spring Traps Inside: u never make me the inside ;______; Como dibuja tan estúpidamente bien ?!? >:”v This is so awsome I like the remix Falto funtime freddy ?? lope ittt??? Woah freddy Hola como se llama la cancion que utilizas en el video?? Кул namy adventure tu ablas ingles me ilusionaste Wow ???????????????? e impossível desenhar XD DX Ygyghgyfyguygyhbhbhghbh ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Tengo un channel xz2581 Oi hoje é aniversário da minha mãe eu quero conversar vocês vem no sábado para ela por favor você pode olhar meu comentário ?????????????????

  4. [Speedpaint]: Freddy Fazbear (FNAF) – Look What I Have Become

    Date: October, 2017

    Created by: ShadowDrakena

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist ShadowDrakena, dates from 2 years prior. Also, as they depict it: My speedpaint is of ‘Hysterical’ Freddy, one of my fanmade forms of Five Nights at Freddy’s. I needed to remove a great deal of the foundation creation since it took more …

    Watch [Speedpaint]: Freddy Fazbear (FNAF) – Look What I Have Become on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    so low on subs! dont stress I subbed WERE THE F ARE YOUR SUBS??!? I subbed and I expected to be the like a millionth sub no I’m the 101 I need to attempt to imagine what Demented saucy resembles Very great I like it (new sub) 🙂 This is my first video I’ve seen by you and it looks amazing!!! (What I’m tryna state is: you’ve quite recently gained yourself another endorser!! :DDD) This is Fantastic, 56 subs you need like 6000000000000 occasions that! Would you be able to draw my FNAF oc??? Just 48 subs?!?!? You merit far more likes + subs. im disappointed in the watchers for not knowing ability when they see it. Try not to surrender, and I trust you the best in getting seen more 🙂 Why do you have just 39 subscrabes (sorry I am from Belarus and I my English is awful) So cool

  5. [SpeedPaint] Broken, old, overlooked (Five Nights at Freddy's 2)

    Date: May, 2015

    Created by: ArtyJoyful

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist ArtyJoyful, dates from 5 years prior. Also, as they portray it: Art: Program to utilize: Paint Tool SAI Tablet: Wacom Bamboo …

    Watch [SpeedPaint] Broken, old, overlooked (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    what is this application called Ah, I recollect when I was only a cringy long term old that was dependent on fnaf stuff. Presently i’m a fourteen very nearly long term old that doesn’t generally watch this kind of stuff any longer, yet it’s acceptable to return only for the nostalgic feelings I get and perhaps infrequently tune in to the old music I used to tune in to. Fnaf evet ama be You have a great deal of ability! I can’t draw this way. Amazing! I have paint device sai :0 Настольгия(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’)(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’)(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’)(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’)(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’)(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’)(;’༎ຶٹ༎ຶ’) brother you inspired me so much when I was more youthful, thank you for that *Fierybunny 1546 remark on this reason I can’t find you’re remark additionally better believe it I was and me too!* Amazing Who else used to consistently watch these as kids Terrifying (old) animatronics in this structure look cool ?? Русские отзовитесь! Amazing Drawing! 2020 anybody? ;- ; Gkgekek

    fkfkfkfkfmdmd Is it just me or are the melodies so cool! I attempted so often to find the melodies! It’s been endless years since I used to consistently tune in to this on my extremely old tablet. Amazing work of art BTW! I FINALLY FOUND THIS ON MY PHONE I love the workmanship btw

    What’s more, for what reason am I finding this in 2020? return me to ’15.

    it would be ideal if you

  6. Freddy Fazbear – FNAF speedpaint

    Date: November, 2014

    Created by: La zy

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist La zy, dates from 5 years back. Furthermore, as they portray it: Hello yes this game is flawless and I needed to do a thing Songs: Five night’s at Freddy’s – The Living Toombstone Silent Hill – Promise Myuu – Raising dividers.

    Watch Freddy Fazbear – FNAF speedpaint on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    WHERE ARE THE FANS PEOPLE?! I preferred the first and second tune 100 remark Your greeting and once I did this from 7 to 100 99 remark 98 remark 97 remark 96 remark 95 remark 94 remark 93 remark 92 remark 91 remark 90 remark 89 remark Hi Thats SO GOOD! What, do you like, in a real sense DESIGN the animatronics for Scott Cawthon? Is it accurate to say that you are Scott Cawthon? (That was an arbitrary inquiry) however that was SO acceptable! esta guapisimo that is great and I truly like the ambient melodies to ? AAAAAAAAAA




    ITS FREDDY FOOZBOO!Lol, jk. It is Freddy Fazbear, trying to say what I generally tell my companions when they state Freddy Fazbear. :3

  7. Speedpaint – THE TOYMAKERS (FNAF)

    Date: February, 2019

    Created by: Neytirix

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Neytirix, dates from 1 year back. Also, as they depict it: Larger variant of fine art – SHIRT DESIGNS …

    Watch Speedpaint – THE TOYMAKERS (FNAF) on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    This gathering likes to keep up a more exquisite appearance in light of their more upperclass standing~

    On the off chance that they should draw in with another of the posses, at that point they’d very much want to send some of their..’creations’ accomplish the filthy work for them~

    In spite of the fact that Toy Bonnie does rather appreciate a periodic slugfest. Acknowledges there is no Foxy (quiet cry)

    (I love this so much, it so beautiful. I love its vibe. They look so cool!!! OwO) if this was a film, this music would be ideal for it Bonnie resemble Nickson’s (The Joy of Creation dev) pfp. Am I the one in particular who thinks they look like drawkill?

    (Search it up if ya don’t have a clue)

    (And furthermore that is not a terrible thing) Can you discharge the brilliant freddy hoodie again? This gives my umbrella foundation vides ??? Can you make a rundown on who’s in witch level please occupant malicious 2 revamp *BUNNIES YES* You can draw so charming yet in addition dreadful I love consequently thought FNAF How cool I am and foxi? im envious how would you think of these extraordinary thoughts. This is so delightful! I love the artstyle! Bonnie has shots however no weapon lol I SAW THESE ON GOOGLE OMG “The Toy Makers, the most noteworthy standing gathering in the subsequent level.”

    “They, clearly, make… “toys”… furthermore, have them slaughter off a portion of the lower rankings. There’s no room here for shortcoming and the most reduced gatherings quite often cease to exist.”

    “We haven’t arrived at the subsequent level and even as the second most grounded group in the main level taking on even the most fragile of second levels could kill us Trap”

  8. :FNAF SPEEDPAINT: Freddy?

    Date: October, 2017

    Created by: Toybunnies

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Toybunnies, dates from 3 years prior. Furthermore, as they portray it: A speedpaint of my most loved fnaf character since the time I originally observed her/him! Find me on: Deviantart: …

    Watch :FNAF SPEEDPAINT: Freddy? on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    For what reason mutilates have ear piercings lmao Everyone likes damage not me heyo toy! I simply needed to state that this is amazing and you’ve truly improved contrasted with now, so I was thinking (and I may have asked this previously), would you be able to do a redraw of this? i’d love to perceive what it would resemble since you’re so gifted! much appreciated!


    a major fan <3 I see something basic between the two of us... HOW DO YOU MAKE HER SUCH A CUTE EMO SCREEEEEEEE I use in my fathers PC since my birthday is coming I have paint 3D and now and then I use sketchbook however I like more paint 3D since you can move the camera to the sides and you can put like a drawing of a butterfly and you simply need to paint the white part yet you can too move the butterfly any place you need my cousin and me viewed it its truly cool as well yet we are trying to like found to paint while we are doing the video can you plis let me know plis I just need assistance with that plis You have improved my companion. 🙂 Mangle: freddy...? Jeremy: y-no doubt! (Crap poop poo ) Me: *Looks at art* OO DIS IS SO GUUD *When I look Mangle's ears* Me: WAAAAIT. A. MINUTE. Mutilate HAVE PIERCING IN HER EARS IN TOY BUNNIES ART????????????????????? Btw great craftsmanship I loved it :3 Mangle is the most imaginative and extraordinary fnaf animatronic tbh they r my top pick ? OMG. You excelled on this! I just rewatched this after a couple of your fresher ones and you have improved to such an extent! I'm guessing by the line craftsmanship you're using a mouse, yet despite the fact that you may be it actually is finished! Better than what I could've done before I utilized a diff craftsmanship program! I think ravage missed freddy Mangle: umm.. freddy Me: greetings ravage I LOVE You Mangle!?? I Love your Draw Don't was tricked by OML you merit so a lot more adherents your specialty is amazing!!! :0 What's the subsequent melody? Mangle:Freddy? NG:... Mangle:The screw you're doing?! Where's ne night monitor?! NG:... Magle:Is he got away?! NG :*nods* Mangle:Which way?! NG: *point* Mangle:thank you Cool

  9. [FNAF | Speed Edit/Speedpaint] Making Untwisted Freddy

    Date: September, 2018

    Created by: Alexander 133

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist Alexander 133, dates from 2 years prior. What’s more, as they portray it: Welcome to the video, coming in here.) I will be satisfied on the off chance that you buy in to the channel and put this video like.I need to arrive at 100000 subscribers.Help me …

    Watch [FNAF | Speed Edit/Speedpaint] Making Untwisted Freddy on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    Because of the way that it turned out an enormous arrangement, toward the finish of the video slacks( Do 8 bit contorted animatronics! Great job brother Make a bent Freddy please Love it he’s doing an approval to like the vid

    I LIKE THE VIDEO ?? Un-Twisted Freddy : 1964 QUAU E ESE APLICADIVO aplicativo I may seem like somebody who lives under a stone but……….WHO THE FREAK IS TWISTED FREDDY?! Freddy?? for what reason do the contorted animatronics have bubble-like pimple-like circles? Would u be able to make wound creation likewise I love ur vids! Keep doing awesome. The music it said sweetheart however I heard it was young lady freddy in light of freddy. Freddy Fatbear Name:bulky Freddy fazbear

    Info: it gauges in excess of a truck do to the extreme external suit to secure the delicate endoskeleton

    Tragically he can’t do a lot however that doesn’t mean he can’t sing Make fixed endo f red please? He is simply earthy colored fred bear xd freddy resembles a mouse XD however its still great 122 coments well 123 now and no top remarks

  10. [SpeedPaint] Toys band banner (Five Nights at Freddy's 2)

    Date: May, 2015

    Created by: ArtyJoyful

    This speedpainting video, made by speedpaint artist ArtyJoyful, dates from 5 years prior. What’s more, as they depict it: CHECK THE DESCRIPTION!!!- – Now with beautiful outline =D Art: Five-Nights-at-Freddy-s-2-535498608 …

    Watch [SpeedPaint] Toys band banner (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) on YouTube

    A portion of the things individuals are saying about this video:

    The music ? Anyone else getting old vibes I watched this when I was 6 I watch this quite a while past and stilk using a similar eye conceal teknique ,thank you so muchhh You do realize that Bonnie is purple right What application did you use??? Like drerw Fghjkk Toy bonnie: kid

    Toy freddy: kid

    Toy chica: young lady

    Damage: young lady/kid? Мне было 8 лет когда я смотрел это в первый раз, сейчас мне почти 14 :’) I like toy charming or toy ruins eyes resemble blazes I was continually watching these recordings while I was drawing, particularly on the grounds that I wanted to tune in to these kinds of music and see these expressions simultaneously when I was looking at the screen. Yet, you needed to ruin it as well, right, YouTube? You simply HAD TO! Watching this since 9 and now im 14-*yes im old* duuude, I watched these when I was 8 and I frigging cherished them 😮 Mangle is a kid.

    Here’s the reason I accept this.

    Reason 1: all the charming’s have been known to be young men

    Reason 2: in games mutilate is alluded to as a ‘him’ or ‘he’ than ‘she’ or ‘her’.

    Reason 3: I realize they have cosmetics, yet telephone fellow just says it was there for damage to be more ‘kid-accommodating’.

    Reason 4: take a gander at Funtime charming, they have a male voice and are not affirmed to be female OR male. Also, there is a striking similarity between him/her and ruin.

    Reason 5!!!: a large portion of you will contend that he/her is in young ladies night out in custom night, BUT, do you know what ‘woman’s night out’ REALLY implies? It implies that everything is ‘less expensive’ for young ladies, it doesn’t mean ONLY young ladies. It implies a bigger number of young ladies than young men!! With the goal that’s the reason Funtime saucy and mutilate are in woman’s night. почему у той бонни нет ресниц? Woah your great at this would you be able to make more vids I can draw to however your amazing at drawling I recall this in 2015 preceding and I cherished it Wait I a few seconds ago notticed that toy bonnie and freddy have red cheeks and that ravage and toy chica have red cheeks I never saw that I don’t have to watch the channel name to know its your video, I perceive your amazing workmanship style Ahhh WHAT ABOUT FOXY! He was play